Tuesday, May 7, 2013

faq's about the mack's

I was thinking in the care today about some of the questions I get asked on a daily/weekly/monthly basis - obviously people don't know these answers because I'm such a terrible blogger! (I'm getting better guys, I have about 3 posts I want to write this week!) So here are some answers to questions you may or may not have about us, just in case you ever wondered.....
1. Where are y'all living, again?
Temple, TX (Or as I say to people who don't know Texas geography very well, or those who judge people from small towns - "just north of Austin.") We moved here last July for Ryan's job, and we love it!

2. When are you going to have kids?
We're not there yet! We do enjoy babies though - we have a new baby cousin, McKinnley, and we're very excited about our niece, Mackenzie, who will be arriving in June. We also have some favorite baby friends in Temple - we spend a lot of time with Carter Edwards and Camdyn Cawyer, and they are a ton of fun.
3. What is Ryan doing?
He is an Internal Medicine Resident at Scott and White. He loves it! He works with great people and has learned so much in the 10 months we've been here. His program is 3 years long, so we will live here at least another 2 years, possibly longer.

4. Do you ever see him?
Yes - not as much as I would like to, but more than I thought I would! (When you are married to a resident, people tell you horror stores - like their friend's sister's husband's cousin who worked for 6 months without a day off - yikes! It's been nothing like that!)

5. When are you going to have kids?
(see answer to number 2)

6. What does he want to do?
He loves the program he is in, and is considering a cardiology fellowship. 

7. What do you do?
I work from home (in customer service) for DOCUmation. It's been such a blessing to continue working for the company I loved working for while we lived in San Antonio. I do miss my co-workers though! Thank goodness for phone and email!

8. Where do y'all go to church?
We go to Western Hills Church of Christ, and love it. We have an amazing small group and we have been hanging out with the youth group on Wednesday nights. They are fun and we are lucky to get to spend time with them. :)

9. When are you going to have kids?
(see answer to number 2)

10. Where you do want to live when Ryan is done with residency?
We honestly don't know. We like to dream about it, and we're open to anywhere! I am a big fan of us staying in Texas (and so is Ryan!) so we'll see where God leads us. My dream would be for all of the people I love to move to one city in the next two years. Then we would definitely move there - that would be an easy choice!! 

I was thinking today about how amazing our life is right now - we're so blessed. It's kind of crazy. God is good!

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  1. wait so did I miss it?? When are you guys having kids??

    Love seeing/reading/hearing (?) the updates! Glad you're doing well <3

  2. I can relate to your blog-every other question Brad and I got asked before we had Clint was when are you going to have kids? It definitely is a question others won't let die.
    Good trial in patience.