Thursday, November 1, 2012

new wall decor and upcoming projects!

We have a giant empty wall in our living room that I was clueless about how to cover! Ryan & I brainstormed about a lot of different projects we could do to fill the space, but nothing seemed just right. Then one day, we were at Ikea and spotted this beauty:
PREMIÄR Picture IKEA With a large picture you can create mood and atmosphere in a whole room.
80 inches x 55 inches.... and for $150. It's huge and perfect with the color scheme in our living room! I've always thought it would be cool to have a giant map in a playroom or a breakfast nook when we have kids someday. I saw a picture in a magazine many years ago that is my favorite map inspiration, but I can't find that image. So here are some other favorites!

Great for the boys playroom!  I think I would tea stain the map though...

 Playroom + map

 So until the time we have a playroom filled with kids and toys, our map will grace our giant, previously blank wall in the living room.

 Notice the new wall color? So much better than the other ugly yellow-orange color. :)

 We're having Ryan's whole family here for Thanksgiving (yay!) so I also have some house projects that are desperately needing to be completed:

- Kitchen Window Shade
- Guest Bathroom Re-do
- Master Bedroom Bedding/Wall Color
- Front Yard Landscaping

So I have lots of work to do! Look for posts on these coming soon.

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  1. I love maps! Why is Texas so small on that world map? I think the map makers made a mistake. Texas should dominate the map. Don't worry about those other projects before thanksgiving. Your house looks great already! Love, Steve